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About Bali Prefab

Starting an operation in 1997 in Ubud, Bali, the sub division of PT. Image Bali International has been widely known as the best timber fabrication and wooden kiln dry, titled ‘Tukang Kayu’ which means ‘Carpenter’ in English. The name chosen, Tukang Kayu’ was derived from philosophy of capabilities on timber’s workmanship.

Our major specialization is manufacturing prefabricated houses which are equipped in high quality materials. Our clients also count on Tukang Kayu upon manufacturing outdoor gazebo, patio, Bali but and also other forms of knock down house. All of them are accomplished on high quality of fabrication and timber workmanship.

Tukang Kayu comprises of highly skilled craftsmen and carpenters who are experts in applying combination of skill handmade technique with machine tools. All of them are for the sake of opulence products of our prefab house, knock down house, Bali hut and gazebo with strong structure that can stand the test of time.

Our main manufacturing for wooden prefab structures is established for components on framing, structural with trims production along with the whole structures of the prefabrication. Our manufacturer also build designs of beam and post along with structured shear panels of wall which are made fast through basic fabrication method of design. All of our prefab houses consist of brackets, hangers of stainless steel which are all bolted, with plates and connectors which are structured in exceeding necessities or building code meant for extreme weather conditions these days.

Our clients will get total satisfaction when those kits are shipped through some countries in the world as we guarantee safety and good conditions of the kits because all components are labeled, packed, insured and then shipped through very well established delivery service agents.

In general, the whole products of the ‘Tukang Kayu’ workshops include:
o    Prefabrication of custom prefab house incl. structural, framing, paneling and accessories.
o    Prefabrication of modular prefab house
o    Prefabrication of gazebo, patio, pergola, outdoor cabana
o    Prefabricated doors and windows
o    Prefabricated wooden fence and railing staircase
o    Fixed furniture including. wardrobes, bed set, kitchen cabinetry
o    Kiln Dry processing with 80m3 timber capacity

All of our manufacturing products on timber material which are used merely the highest quality of kiln dried timber. We also manufacture best form of iron wood, Merbau, Bangkirai and other kinds of woods from several regions of Indonesia. Yet, as we have such deep concern on the eco friendly movement, we only choose legal source of timber which is under strict control of Forestry Department of Indonesia. We guarantee that all of our timbers are all certified due to the various kinds of damaged forests.

As we have been in operation for two decades, we are proud to perform completed substantial prefabricated export buildings which have been rebuilt in Maldives, Bahamas, Turk and Caicos Island, Fiji, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Seychelles, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

Our core team consists of experienced Balinese Architects and civil engineers, so we are capable in converting any architect design into construction drawing and given the practical and most reasonable price of method into the best of prefabricated buildings. Our unique specialty is prefabricate any design from any style, and of any size, providing shop drawing for construction and guarantee for the best local pricing.

We are looking forward to helping you decide on the right decision for all you needs in prefabricated wooden house.

Prefab House Services

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