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PT Image Bali International is proud to introduce best products of prefab houses which are supported by our experienced Balinese architects and civil engineers who are the expertise of all aspects of constructing like architectural, structural engineer and wood craftsmanship. As our characteristic is native company, we also recruit native people of Bali for giving them chances in expanding their career in flourishing way.

All of our prefab houses are designed, fabricated and supervised on our own manufacturing company at Ubud. This is the main reason why our clients will surely get good pricing with high quality of product which is crafted from native, experienced craftsmen who have been doing this for generations. There is no minimum quantity of order on our policies and we stand behind our product upon top notch customer service with punctuate delivery time
1. What kind of wood do you use?
We emphasize on eco friendly aspects so that we make the most of Indonesian tropical hardwood which can be renewed in fast way like Bangkirai and Merbau. As they are very durable and strong, they can be the best building materials for any kind of building structure. Particularly for Bangkirai, it can be left outside for more than a quarter of century without any deterioration. However, we can also cater to clients’ demands who wish to have coconut wood. This sort of wood is good for becoming strong pillars due to its strong characteristic and rustic look of conventional touch of architecture
2. So what is the advantage to use hardwood compare to coconut wood?
Indonesia boasts of huge arrays of hardwood which are not susceptible to termite attack. They include teakwood in which the Indonesian call it ‘jati’, iron wood (Ulin), Bangkirai, Merbau and Kamper. We commonly utilize three kinds of woods Bangkirai, Merbau and Kamper for our Bali prefab house or gazebo due to their strength and their reasonable price. Still, they are still more expensive compared with coconut woods. We reduce the use of coconut woods as they are prone to termites, especially in the middle area of trunk. However, if our clients prefer to have coconut woods, we particularly provide it in good performance and we have applied our high quality anti termite products
3. How about the Kiln Dry, has your timber been dried before construction?
We surely have. The process of kiln drying is strongly significant. All kinds of wood with in which its thickness is less than 7cm should be kiln dried for preventing warping and splitting. Yet, we commonly apply air dry on the wood for timber with a thickness of more the 7cm. However, for certain application kiln dry should also be applied when needed. Here is how it works. The timber will be put inside huge autoclave and it will go through heating process inside using hot air. Woods  will dry out and lose huge substance of water which will be dried from autoclave. With timber whose volume is about twenty cubic, it will require six weeks to dry inside the autoclave until only fifteen percent water is left. The air dry can be considered a method in which leaving the wood inside heat oven for months, or may be a year for drying out process. Such process is more preferred compared with kiln drying as this such forced method can cause small cracks on wood.

4. Are the woods Anti-Termite?  
We can guarantee that. Those sorts of woods have been selected for their natural anti-termite characteristics. Our hardwood is available in several categories. It will not make sense in selecting merely heartwood, because it will surely escalate into doubled price. The hardwood in which we utilize is a combination of both heartwood and Bangkirai. Termites are likely in attacking second category, yet, it will be fortunate that it can merely devour anything only the appearance which may not be more than two millimeters. Based on the very strong character of hardwood, termites can’t dig any deeper inside woods. When it ours, it is going to be very near on to foundation, yet nobody can ever notice. As a matter of fact, it is not affecting any safety structure of the house at all. Based on the lab test, our hardwood achieved a rating of 9.5 on the scale of 1 – 10 (as 10 is being the highest resistance value). For comparisons, Redwood and Cedar achieved a rating of 8.0.

5. We concern with green building, where does your wood come from?  Whether your raw material comes from legal or illegal logging? Are the raw materials ecologically sustainable?
All woods we provide are derived from sustainable plantation in Kalimantan Island and surely all timbers that we provide come from legal logging. It can be seen on documents when we bought the timber, also if required, we can provide certificates of origin for the timber.
6. How about maintenance and how durable is a house may last?
For proper maintenance, we strongly recommend to use normal standard wood treatment as general guideline. The condition of wooden structure will depend on where the structure located. In correct location, with dry air, structure of a house should last up to 40 years.
7. How can I preserve my hardwood from shrinkage and expansion?
Bangkirai is totally durable hardwood which practically require low maintenance. Precisely like those other hardwoods from tropical area, routine treatment from oil of Bangkirai or other treatments for wood can maintain color and original sheen. Just like natural woods in common, Bangkirai is surely expanding and shrinking a little due to conditions on certain climate. It is considered normal and will not influence whole appearance and stability for the whole building.

8. What is the difference between your prefab house and the eco cottages?
Our standard prefab houses are being prefabricated and assembled in the same way as the ECO cottages. The only exception is that no facility is provided for solar panels and roof insulation. Therefore, the prices for the houses do not include insulation materials for the sidings. However, we can adapt the houses to a full ECO house against a variation order.

9. Is the house designed such that it can withstand hurricane force winds and/.or earthquakes?
Since our houses are being exported worldwide, we need to keep the design as simple as possible. A hurricane or earthquake-proof-house which is exported to a non hurricane or earthquake area will be too expensive for that purpose. Yet, in the event that a house needs to be built in such a specific area, we will adapt and modify the design as to comply with local regulations.

10. Do you guarantee that my wooden house will still be standing after a hurricane?
We’re afraid we cannot guarantee in such cases. We cannot fight against the power of nature. We can significantly reduce the risk but we cannot guarantee for 100% that a house will not have any damage after a hurricane. Hurricane Katrina may have proven this.   
11. How long it will take to fabricate one prefab home?
It may depend on size and design. A standard prefab home, with 150m2 floor, usually takes one and a half month from the initial manufacturing to shipping. The length of the production time may count upon size, material availability and clients specifications. But normally, it will take for about  1-2 weeks for 1 gazebo, 2-3 weeks for 1 bungalow, 1-2 months for 1 prefab house.

12. Is there any direction for assembling and can it be moved or rebuilt?
Our staff will also send pictures via email in the production of your home through the different phases. Our whole package comprise manual books along with and digital video disc featuring whole methods on process of assembling. Likewise, several part from the house will be given codes to make construction easier. You can also move or rebuilt it, because the prefab home is applying system of knock-down.
13. I have my own drawing, could you calculate it for me?
Yes, obviously. You can send your design to our email account. Plan for design, elevation and section with materials that you want to utilize minimum requirements for costing. After taking your whole plans in detail, we'll be delighted in calculating the exact amount for you.

14. Can you helping me to design my idea?
Surely we can assist you upon preparing concept, layout for architectural and also conceptual drawing. Yet, we should require initial payments therein.
15. Is it possible in building prefab house on my country?
The foremost thing you need to do is checking out the local regulations related to building codes. Make sure they can pertain upon structures for prefab. Then, you may want to require some help from local contractor who are experienced enough with such matters and they will be able in helping you with structure of prefab assembly. Yet, we are able in sending our representative for helping you to build project of prefab house at your country.
16. Do you have a minimum quantity order?
We don’t impose a minimum order quantity, we are happy to manufacture for small private orders to large resort project.
17. What is your standard product specification and what will be included inside kit boxes?
We used round coconut for post, Bangkirai for wood structure and flooring, alang alang thatch or ulin shingles roofing for roof. The kit comprises supporting floor, beams along with boards for siding, roof cover, doors and windows in standard shape, hardware from brass with all bolts for conjoining which are made of galvanized steel. Purchasers will also get screws from copper, manual books related on reassembly process with a full explanation upon reassembling process. Clients can also get the pictures of the preassembling house.

18. How much will it cost per square meter?
Considering that all of our products are custom made and pricing is always connected with the fluctuation of materials prices on the market, then when you have decided to order our products. Please ask for a proposal from us immediately. We will give you our best price according to the current pricing at that time. You can also apply for conditions and relevant options regarding the product that you order. Pricing start from $600 per square meter, depending on type of wood used and options.
19. Are your prices FOB?  
No, all our prices are ex. factory. We do not ship by ourselves; instead we have a working relationship with two Bali cargo forwarders. We can ask them for a quotation however you can also assign your own cargo forwarder. In any case, however, the cargo forwarder needs to collect the goods at our yard.
20.    How to make an order?
Simply, you can go through CONTACT US page and have direct discussion while confirming your order details related on specifications and design. Make sure you likewise talk over the schedule of shipping. Then, we can calculate any order then provide you with offers based on details of your order. When price and details are agreeable, the only thing you have to do is making fifty percent deposits upon price order for beginning process of manufacturing.

21.    Can I keep track upon the progress of my order?
You can be glad that we’ll remain to inform you about working progress step by step and feature the pictures through e-mail. We will equip our website with certain login for each client that may make you easy in keeping track upon progress of work. You can check each progress anytime you wish
22. What will be Terms and Conditions of Payment?
We require for fifty percent down payment in beginning the works upon your order. You can pay the rest fifty percent after completed order prior to shipping process is conducted.
23. How Can I Pay to Your Account?
We accept any payment through electronic transfer in both IDR or USD. Payment through credit card, Liberty Reserve or PayPal is also accepted. You should be noticed that process of electronic transfer may take up for about seven days prior to your payment may reach our bank account.
24. Did you have any significant problem when you sent prefab house before?
So far, we have no significant problem regarding of wooden structural house, but the only defect may occur is capillary crack to the wood or sometimes expand and shrink to the small part. This is a normal condition because there are different humidity and climate between Bali and some sub tropical countries. Fortunately we have successfully anticipated by our system as we have learned a lot from our former experiences
25. Do you provide Cargo Services?
We are a wood manufacture company and we don’t have our own Freight Forwarder. But if you wish to, we can introduce you to our qualified partner to provide the total shipping solution and track the consignment from buying, quality control, packing, loading, and shipping to arrival for you. We have worked together with our partner company for a long time so you have nothing to worry about.
26. I need to know my order shipping condition
All the proposals from us are all related on condition of ex factory. It can be stated that that the costs of shipping can be calculated in separate ways, whether it is going to be organized by clients, or we may arrange it for you upon request. Such issue is open for discussion in advanced as clients will obtain the best method of shipping upon clients’ preference.
27. Is it possible to re-assemble the house by your crew at our place and how many person are required to assembly a house?
Yes, we have a team available which can do that. You may contact us for a quotation. To assembly the house mainly depends on how fast you would like to erect it. In principle a few persons can do the job, but this may take some months for a large house. You may add people as much as you like, until the saturation point is reached (the point where adding persons will slow down the process). It is advised that at least a few persons have some experience with Do It Yourself.  
28. Do all Prefab Houses need fumigation?
Fumigation can be called as a method where gas is utilized in killing all creatures which are likely hiding inside container. It doesn’t only limited upon rats, spiders, ants, mice and the like, yet, you can also use it for borers, thatch, mildew and several sorts of nuisance. Fumigation is a prerequisite on almost each country throughout the universe upon embarkation port.

29. Can One Container Ship one Prefab House?
It will be different from each house and it counts on the whole wood net volume which are need to be delivered. Shipments will be conducted on very high containers for about twenty to forty feet high. The main volume may be provided when we have discovered the standard homes that clients are interested at. For custom houses or the tailor made ones, we can’t count the volume at basic level till the time we go to

30. Do I Get Replacement on Some Broken Parts during Shipping Trip?
Basically, we don’t take any responsibility for replacing broken parts which may occur during shipment. Yet, we provide several additional boards and beams just in case you need to make some repair if there are broken parts.

 31. Is the Shipment is Insured? How Much Should I Pay?
It’s your choice to choose. For your information, you need to pay at least two percent from the determined invoice.
32. How do You Pack the Parts of Prefab House?
It basically depends upon on the cargo deliverer as we don’t do the packing. Cargo forwarder will collect all goods from our place and will transport them using their trucks to their own places. Then they are pack them before stuffing them inside containers. We don’t have another responsibility at the time cargo forwarder is loading all stuff in their trucks.
33. Can I select my own forwarder? What procedure that I should follow?
Surely you are free to choose. You can browse for Bali cargo providers available in the World Wide Web. Get the best quotes from shopping around.

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