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Wooden Flooring

Image Bali International has very experienced team consisting of highly skilled architects, engineers and also carpenters. They apply their massive knowledge in providing clients with various kinds of natural wooden flooring to choose from. All those wooden flooring are crafted and they can be opted in various shades. Surely, our wooden flooring is a brilliant manner in modernizing any house.

Clients usually tend to look for brand new floor for making their kitchen look much more spacious or they wish to enjoy great time with family on the living room. The choice of wooden flooring can surely add the opulence touch of any house with various decoration theme. They can match best with minimalist house or in the grandest mansion.

Image Bali International is proud in introducing several arrays which are all well known for being the most stunning styles around. Here, at Image Bali International, we can assure that wonderful, solid wooden floors will break your bank account. On the other hand, all of our wooden flooring design that we offer are available at reasonable prices.

Image Bali provide whatever clients’ needs. Whether they wish the like of light shaded wooden flooring for petite small bedroom, or several natural flooring of Indonesian hardwood for big living room. Massive array of wooden flooring is available for all of our clients who wish to have elegant look for their home sweet home.

It can be said that our wooden flooring is very eco-friendly because we mostly use Indonesian hardwood for the wooden flooring. Indonesian’s hardwood has durable material that can make certain that it is very ideal for flooring due to its low maintenance cost with good visual aspect. The charm of Bali wooden flooring has been growing in popularity during the past years as so many people know really care for the eco friendly aspect.

Nobody is going to make argument related on the charm of wooden flooring. As a matter of fact, the choices are more abundant these days and they are very affordable. You can notice that most houses these days apply old-fashioned wooden which has made the appearance of the house look so charmingly rustic.

At Image Bali International, our clients are feeling more than just pleased as they will be able in choosing several colors and styles which are available. The great assortment of wooden flooring design offered by our brilliant architects are ensuring clients to find the best Indonesian hardwood flooring for decorative purposes.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us when you need assistants in finding the best Indonesian hardwood flooring. We also provide customer service for all services provided at Image

Significant benefits of wooden floorings are they are very affordable and require less maintenance. there are lots of inventions for making wooden flooring keep polished and great looking by several chemical substances. The affordably priced wooden flooring can be the best alternative for those new homeowners who are in tight budget of building a wonderful house. Installing wooden flooring from will add your house’s value compared with those houses with carpets.

Prefab House Services

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