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Handling, Packing and Shipment

Procedures on Handling, Packing Process to Shipment

We have good procedures of handling to packing process to the shipment operation. Once the wood prefab home is eventually built on the factory. Afterwards, all components of prefab housing—including panels for windows, doors, rafters—are labeled for the purpose of drawing construction. When they are all done, all components are disassembled. Then, they are packed at the factory directly. Afterwards, they are shipped to warehouse of freight forwarders in which they will go through fumigated process. The loading process is done and they are loaded for shipping using proper container

We don’t take stuffing process for granted as we keep close attention on forwarder in making certain that the panels for those Bali prefab houses are loaded after being packed in efficient way with proper loading procedures which can reduce cost of shipping and maintaining prefabrication quality process in best way.

Commonly, our clients already possess their nominates of agent for cargo in Bali which can handle the shipment right on the destination. Yet, when our clients are still new customers, they are required in giving complete site address along with the volume estimation which they wish to ship. Below, we will provide important information related on cost of shipping after clients have given the codes of the product with the desired quantity.

Our clients usually have noticed that they can save more money in costs of freight when they ship using containers though still, there are clients keep ordering using less than a container load (LCL). Shipping is mostly made with twenty to forty feet container with order estimation about USD5,0000 to USD10,000. Yet, we welcome orders which may below USD5,000 but above USD 2,000. So, there are some terms and conditions in which clients should aware as they might waste more money if they ship without proper amount of big quantities

We provide from twenty feet container which have 30 cubic meters for volume,  forty feet container containing 60 cubic meters, and forty feet high cube container in which the volume reaches 72 cubic meters. We also cater less than container load sea cargo which clients should pay per cubic meter and also shipping through air cargo.

PT Image Bali International has recommended in using  FCL cargo for getting most efficient cost. The containers made of steel are available in sizes 20 feet, 40 feet , and jumbo 40 feet. They are commonly used and have certain advantages as they are enclosed so that the product has guarantee of safety and protection with efficient space usage.

Less Container Loand is dedicated for shipment in whch the space will not be adequate in filling twenty fee container. Shipments can be crated individually crated and consolidated on freight carries bound for intended destination. L.C.L. loads are appropriate for sending smaller shipments, samples, gifts and personal items. Orders less than a container volume are calculated by the cubic meter. Please contact us for more information regarding shipments of less than a container volume. For more expensive delivery service, the sea freight can be used though air freight is the most pricey method.

Shipping may take for about four weeks to several European countries but for Asian countries may take for two weeks. Insurance upon shipment are allowed to be purchased in Indonesia through cargo company.

We certainly hope that all explanation mentioned above can make it better for you to make good decision. We are looking forward to giving you the best service.

Prefab House Services

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